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UM Chat

UM Chat


  • Custom-Built Frontend with Svelte: The chat interface is meticulously crafted from scratch using Svelte, ensuring a sleek, modern, and highly responsive user experience. This cutting-edge framework enhances the chat’s performance and usability, making interactions smoother and more enjoyable. 
  • Dual Chat Modes: The chat system is bifurcated into ‘Command Chat’ and ‘General Chat’ for streamlined interaction. 
  • Integrated Roleplay Commands: Utilize essential roleplay commands such as ‘me’, ‘do’, and ‘ooc’ etc seamlessly integrated through ox_lib. These commands are available by default in the chat, offering you the flexibility to enhance your roleplaying experience whenever you choose. 
  • Emoji Picker:  Enhance your messages with a wide range of emojis, easily accessible through an intuitive emoji picker. 
  • In-Chat Games: Engage with friends in fun games like dice and rock-paper-scissors (RPS), directly within the chat. 
  • General Chat:  Dive into a communal space where you can chat, interact with everyone, and even create your own unique profile. 
  • Tenor Integration: Utilize the Tenor API to browse and send a variety of GIFs to the general chat, adding a dynamic flair to conversations 
  • Comprehensive Logging with Discord Webhooks: The system employs Discord webhooks to meticulously log various activities. This includes tracking interactions in command chat, general chat, as well as monitoring user logins and departures. This feature ensures a robust and detailed overview of chat dynamics and user engagement for better management and oversight. 
  • Customizable Settings: Personalize your chat experience with flexible settings. Adjust the chat’s position on your screen, change color themes, and more to suit your preference. .
  • Here is the customizable [Config]