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UM Rodeo

UM Rodeo


  • Minigame: As the bull speeds up, the mini-game also speeds up, providing an exciting and challenging rodeo experience.
  • Leaderboard: Compete with other players and climb to the top of the leaderboard by scoring higher points in the rodeo script.
  • Framework: Custom or ESX or QBCore choose your preferred framework to run the rodeo script on, depending on your server's setup and requirements.
  • Synchronized and optimized: Enjoy a seamless and optimized gameplay experience, thanks to the game's synchronization and optimization features.
  • Automatic rodeo creation: If you specify the coordinates in the configuration file, the rodeo script will be automatically created based on the entered coordinates. You can add multiple coordinates to create multiple arenas for the game.
  • Charge or free to play rodeo: Choose whether to charge players for participating in the rodeo game or offer it for free, depending on your server's economy and player preferences.
  • Other settings: Configure the game's key settings, such as dynamic launch speed and language, to offer a personalized and engaging gameplay experience for your players.